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IMPORTANT NOTE: Spring 2020 ("Maracas" Song Collection) will run 10 weeks from April through June and will be available Music Together® Online. The schedule will be made public and available for registration soon. Payment plans are available.  Contact us for more information.

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SCAVENGER HUNT: Find the questions that have been asked in class below. E-mail with the answer for an entry to win the prize of a Ridin in the Car board book and Music Together t-shirt or onesie. Congratulations to Viviana for winning the Winter 2020 Scavenger Hunt Raffle!

Winter 2020 Questions (Hunt is over!)

Question 1: What color is the car in "Ridin' in the Car?"
Question 2: On the page for "Water Play", who or what is crying?
Question 3: What is the original title of "Great Big Stars"?
Question 4: Where else does the weasel "pop" up, other than his song pages?
Question 5: According to your songbook, using a ball in a musical way can help your child learn about what?
Question 6: What two things help with transitions? (Hint: Look on the page for the "Goodbye" song.)

WEATHER REPORT: Check here when you are concerned class might be cancelled for weather.