Terms and Conditions

No refunds after the first day of class.  Customer cannot receive materials (songbook & CD/access code) until tuition is paid.  Make-up classes may be taken in advance; they cannot be rolled over into a future session. Pro-rated tuition rate for late registration is determined at director's discretion.  No materials or pro-rating are available when only two classes remain in the session, but drop-ins are available at director's discretion.  Discounts are given at director's discretion, but in accordance with any statements made in print or online.  Materials cannot be waived for a discounted tuition; all paid families receive materials even if they have a set from a previous enrollment.  In the event of inclement weather or other cancellation, every effort will be made to schedule a make-up class.  Classroom policies are e-mailed before every session, and director reserves the right to enforce these policies. General policies can be found here.